Sunday, October 19, 2008

Show off your oldies..........

......your geezers, your seniors & elders. Tell others how you deal with changing needs of aging animals. Discuss special shelter programs to rehab or find new homes for seniors. Above all, celebrate the wisdom and humor of elders! Join TREES' Senior Animals group at Discuss geriatric animal issues, post photos, invite friends, find a senior friendly shelter near you, network with like minded folks!

The Temps, They are A-Changin'

Slight Pause!

It seems we've skipped autumn entirely in this neck of the woods. We moved from 85 degrees on Thursday, to a cool rainy Friday, to a morning chill in the upper 30's this morning (Sunday.)

It also seems like someone snuck in Friday night and replaced several of our geezers with rambuncious two-year-olds. Thursday the horses hung out in their sheds, taking full advantage of the shade, sweating in mid-October under their developing winter woolies. Yesterday, however, the old farts lost all semblance of dignity, jumping around and jostling for position as if they had been transported back twenty or thirty years. Most of TREES' residents, especially those with Cushings, tolerate cold weather much better than they do hot weather and the first real cold front of the season is always a reason for celebration. (Sometimes followed by a day of commiserating about the sudden overuse of previously less active muscles.)

Cooler temperatures seem to invigorate our elders. Flies and mosquitoes disappear. Masks and boots are packed away. Less time is spent in sheds. Breathing eases for those with COPD issues. Appetites pick up. Breezes blow interesting scents from new directions.

But.....behind the wonder of the first cold front is the knowledge that winter is not far away. (Truthfully, though, winter is a harder on human caretakers than it is on most horses.) For a few tips on keeping equine elders comfy and healthy during cold weather, please visit Wintering Wisely.

Oh......if you're in Virginia, or otherwise have access to The Virginia Horse Journal, please pick up the November issue. TREES' own Country Sunshine ("Sonny" to his friends) will be included in a feature asking horses why they are thankful to live where they do.

(His answer isn't what you think it will be.)