Monday, July 23, 2007

Not Exactly an Elder

Not even an equine!

We found this little guy at the end of our driveway last night. All alone.

This wee kitten seems clean, healthy, well-socialized and energetic. It is unlikely he was on his own for very long. It also seems unlikely he wandered here on his own at 5-6 weeks of age.

This may be somewhat off-topic for a horse sanctuary blog, but dropping dogs and cats off in the country is not in the animals' best interests. If you cannot find homes for them yourselves, please be responsible and take them to a shelter or adoption agency. There, at least, they have a chance of finding new homes. Being "free in the country" offers pets more chances of confronting dangerous situations than of finding safe homes. This kitten was lucky. He was noticed and scooped up yards from a busy road where traffic often travels at 60 mph.

Please have your pets neutered. If you feel you have a saving-the-planet caliber reason to allow your pets to breed, please, please take responsibility for the offspring. There are too many options available to resort to "setting them free" in the country. Their "freedom" will likely be short-lived.

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"Coach" said...

amen! I gasp in horror at the idiotic things people do with animals and think it makes sense. Thank you for rescuing this precious baby and for all that you do "equine".

My heart is in the same place and awareness cannot be raised high enough!