Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thankful for Our Spouses

The following was written in August 1990 and quickly circulated through Fort Hood, home of the First Cavalry Division, just prior to Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

First Team

To all those wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, children and loved ones who currently have an American Soldier in harm's way:

for our Spouses

August 12, 1990
As I listen to terrifying news of trouble in the Middle East,I cant' help but reflect on how it feels to be an "Army wife"..................

To be the wife of an American soldier
is to know intense fear and loneliness and worry
and to watch the news for signs
the the security of "home" with him will be lost.

But it also means intense pride and a sense of awe
that this gentle, loving man
contains huge amounts of raw courage
and strength
and discipline -
to know that the man I turn to in the middle of the night
for comfort, security, protection
by virture of his nature and calling
will extend that protection to the whole world
when called to do so.

Because he puts action behind his beliefs;
he goes out and protects the ability
of people in all other professions
to say what they want to say
in a land where there is no penalty attached to freedom.

He has taught me to revere the American flag
to cry through the National Anthem
to really believe in America.

So as he goes to stand up for - if necessary to fight for -
and the country that he loves
I'll concentrate on loving him, supporting him,
praying for him, and believing in him

Because I am proud to be the wife of an American soldier!

Sharon Foster, wife of CPT Foster
2nd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division

(flag art courtesy of http://www.wilsoninfo.com/americanflags.html )

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