Saturday, July 26, 2008

Horse-y or not: let us recycle your "stuff!"

Maybe you'd like to support the Horse Elders at Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary, but your "spare" cash is going into your gas tank or in your own hay loft. Perhaps your tack room is crowded with items that haven't been used in five years. Got extra office supplies you need to move out of the way? Do you have hidden talents that might help the Elders in non-material ways?

There's a good chance TREES can use your "stuff!" Here's a list of stuff we can put to good use if you no longer need it. If you have supplies to donate, please mail to TREES, PO Box 2260, Spotsylvania, VA, 22553 or email, or call 540-972-0936 for street address.

Horse Care/ Stable Supplies

~100X Microscope to use for on site fecal exams
~Alfalfa/grass mix forage cubes
~Bedding, pine- bulk sawdust, bagged shavings, pelleted bedding
~Box fans
~Clippers, heavy-duty body clippers (to keep Cushings patients comfortable)
~Corta-Flx Rx 100 Ultimate Solution
~Cotton leads
~Desitin or Zinc Oxide
~Double ended snaps
~Fly boots (all sizes)
~Fly masks (all sizes)
~Fly traps or strips
~Funds paid directly to Rappahannock Equine Veterinary Clinic for Traveller's Rest account
~Grass Hay - 1st cutting
~Grooming supplies
~Halters (prefer leather or breakaway)
~Ivermectin paste
~Manure forks
~Muck buckets
~Orchardgrass Hay - 2nd cutting
~Portable corral or round pen panels
~Stall mats, used or new, to serve as "place mats" for horses that drop feed on the ground
~Swat ointment
~Triple Antibiotic ointment/Neosporin
~Triple Crown Senior feed
~16 foot stock trailer - Doesn't need to be pretty or fancy, but road-worthy and safe for the horses

Office Supplies/Educational Programs
~8-1/2 x 11 copy paper (white or pastels)
~Legal size paper, white or pastels
~AA batteries
~Books on anything horse related.....fiction, training, nutrition, first aid, genetics, color, general care....if you have it but don't need it, we'll glady accept it!
~Fax machine
~File folders
~Rubber bands
~Paper Clips
~Poster board
~Poster frames, any size
~Permanent markers
~Any surplus office or school supplies - some may be used to support our administrative needs, others might be used for educational displays.
~Table or Floor Easels
~Three-hole punch
~Folding Tables
`Folding Display Boards

~Proof of Purchase seals from Triple Crown, Legends and Reliance feed bags
~100 watt light bulbs
~1x6 oak or poplar fence boards, 8' or 16'
~Battery powered wall clocks w/ second hand
~Gift cards: Office Depot, Staples, or Best Buy, Lowe's or Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Target, etc. We can use almost any cards to purchase office supplies, cleaning or first aid supplies, maintenance and stable supplies, you name it!
~Scrub brushes
~Used tack or books and yard sale items for future fundraising events
~Ideas! Send your suggestions for fundraisers, blog topics, web site content, educational programs, whatever! Let us know what you'd like to see TREES do to further promote the humane care of Equine Elders.

~Grant Development
~Fence Painting
~Farm Labor

If you have supplies to donate, please mail to TREES, PO Box 2260, Spotsylvania, VA, 22553 or email, or call 540-972-0936 for street address

And, or course, cash donations are always appreciated.

For more on how your stuff helps senior horses, visit

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