Sunday, February 1, 2009

What is with this weather??

In several recent posts, we whined about the colder than normal temperatures. Today, though, we hit 60 degrees! What's up with that? One confused honeybee even showed up at afternoon feeds to investigate the feast. We thought the horses might feel a little Spring Fever, but most took advantage of the sun and dozed most of the day. We also learned that even a 60-degree afternoon is not enough to thaw manure piles hard-frozen to the ground in spots that don't get much sun.

Some of our Golden Muck Fork winners (Gene and Carol,) though, got the rest of the farm cleaned up and helped prepare for the next winter storm, forecast to arrive tomorrow night. Stalls and sheds are ready to go, fields and paddocks are clean, a new load of hay was brought in, extra feed will arrive tomorrow and water tanks will be filled to the brim in case of power outages (when you're on a well, no electricity = no pump = no water.)

On another note, a young horse we placed in a wonderful home several years ago had to return to TREES a few days ago. Once we let her settle in, we'll re-evaluate her and see about additional training before making her available for adoption. Crea will be 6 years old this spring. We don't know her breeding. Coming from a "nurse mare farm," she could be almost any combination of breeds. She has been started under saddle according to her last family, but is very green and needs some confidence building.

Thank you to Jorg and Tom, the powerhouse behind White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue, for trailering Crea to her current foster home. Many thanks, too, for the clippers (small clippers much appreciated for small jobs. We're still in search of something for full body Cushings coat clips - maybe something comparable to a Clipmaster 610.)

We're were also happy to have Mary Beth stop in and drop off some senior feed on Friday. Please come again when the weather is a little more conducive to a tour and introductions to the residents.

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