Monday, March 2, 2009

Whoosh! Real Snow!

For the first time in at least five years, some of Traveller's Rest's horses were confined to stalls due to weather. Under normal circumstances, our horses are always turned out, allowing them to move about at will, keeping up body warmth and preventing stiffness in arthritic joints. Last night, however the combination of very wet snow and swirling wind called for a change in management style.

The fence in the two photos below is black. This shows how "horizontally" the snow was blowing last night, sticking to everything it encountered.

Not only was the snow blowing sideways, it was swirling in every direction. Enclosed shelters all had snow inside. It came in under doors, between the top and bottom sections of dutch doors, through the eave vents and even beneath the roof ridge vents.

In one rare spot, seemingly protected from the winds, we got an idea of how much snow fell.

Guess old Punxatawney Phil was right!

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