Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nate News (+ Hi, Mom!)

More exciting news today, slightly bigger than a baby step this time. As we exited the convalescent paddock to go on our little walk this morning, Nate cleaning lifted all four feet over the bottom of the gate frame. All four. Cleanly. No bumping, tripping or stumbling. This points to two exciting conclusions: first, that all of Nate's feet and legs are getting the message from his brain saying "There is an obstacle on the ground here. Lift your feet higher than usual and step over it;" and second, Nate's muscles, tendons, joints and all the other parts of his anatomy involved in walking are developing strength.

Hi, Mom! {{waves at camera}}

First, let me apologize right up front in case anyone in any way thinks I am comparing my mother's health history to that of a horse.

Second, I'd like to thank Mom (Helen W. of Pittsburgh, PA, soon to be "of" Spotsylvania, VA) for reminding us about some aspects of her post-stroke rehabilitation several years ago. Until now, when Nate tired during a walk, we declared him finished for the day and took him back to his paddock. Mom reminded us that, during her rehab, when she tired, the therapists allowed her to stop and rest until she felt ready to continue (her decision,) then did a few more repetitions of the excercise. So, starting now, as we walk with Nate and he tires a little, we'll stop and rest until he seems ready to continue, then walk just a little farther.

See? You just never know where horse care ideas will come from!

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