Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Leave It At The Gate" Reminder

Seems to be time for a gentle reminder to leave certain feelings at the gate when visiting the residents of Traveller's Rest.

Our residents may be elderly and have special health considerations in most cases, but all are still vital, perceptive representatives of the equine world.  Remember that horses are very sensitive to their handlers' moods and emotions.  When you work with a horse and focus on past mistreatment or current health issues to the extent that it causes obvious anger or anxiety, the horse picks up on those emotions.  Very often, anxious handlers cause horses to be anxious as well.

In trying to keep our residents' environment stress-free, we ask that visitors focus on more positive aspects of the Elders' present lives.  Focus on progress they've made, whether that progress is measured in leaps or in baby steps.  If hearing stories of past treatment causes anger, or if you cannot look past issues yet to be resolved, let us know and we will help you find another horse with which to spend your time.  Anger and anxiety are understandable reactions to certain situations, but neither benefits the Elders. 

That said, here's a picture of progress:

Sherman today, February 20, 2010

And as a reminder, here is Sherman November 10, 2009

Is Sherman fully "rehabbed?"  Not yet.  He needs to put on a few more pounds and there are still some issues requiring further diagnostics, but the baby steps are piling up.  A lesson in patience for those of us who wanted him to recover at a faster pace, but Progress none the less!

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