Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Feeding Arrangements

During the warm months, when there is plenty of grass, horses are able to determine their own feeding space.  Some may graze close together, others may want a larger personal bubble to feel comfortable and secure.

Now that lower temperatures have arrived and the grass is dormant in most of the US, feeding arrangements may need to be adjusted to ensure each horse receives his full portions of feed and hay.

Separate everyone at meal times to allow slower eaters to finish and to make sure less confident horses are not pushed away from their feed.

At other times of the day, make sure every horse has relaxed access to hay.  if you feed round bales, this may mean unrolling the bale to allow more timid horses space to forage.

 And, as always, feel under those winter coats and blankets to monitor body condition and adjust feed as needed.

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