Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Typical Morning Eldercare Chores

I don't know that there is such a thing as "normal" or "average" at an equine Sanctuary, but this outlines many of the common summer morning chores.

First, of course, is breakfast.  Between 6:00 and 6:15, feed is measured into individual feed tubs according to each Elder's individual needs.  Warm water is added to the feed which is allowed to soak to make a thick "mush."  Breakfast is served at 7:00, with each horse eating in a separate stall, paddock or shed.  Once breakfast is finished and the horses turned out, we:


Wash dishes
Since the horses eat "mush" feed tubs get nasty fast and, in warm weather, start to smell bad if not rinsed after meals.


Rinse Beau's place mat (a car floor mat he eats on to prevent him from eating dirt when he drops food, then picks it up -- if not rinsed after each meal, the mat is a huge fly party.)


Remove manure and wet sawdust from stalls and sheds.


Rebed stalls and sheds with clean sawdust


Fly Spray


Dampen shed floors to knock down dust


Shower Clara (because, otherwise, she won't go away)
(which of course rinses off aforementioned fly spray and as a bonus attracts a horse fly.)

Clara's shower then leads to this -



Okay - back to work.
Pick up manure in small paddocks and dry lots (the rest of the fields will be cleaned up this evening when the temperature starts to come down.)


Dump collected manure and dirty bedding in manure spreader


Finally, clean and refill water tanks and buckets


Meanwhile, the residents are all doing this:



As it should be.
They served us, now we serve them.


Unknown said...

People don't understand how "horse chores" burn so many calories - add to that hauling hay bales and 50 lb feed sacks and saddles and trow in some horse grooming, and you've just spent the whole day in the gym! We love our senior rescues. Everyone gets TLC daily. It is the most rewarding volunteer job I have ever had, and I love my barn time.

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