Thursday, January 11, 2007

Winter's here!

That's not news to most people but, one week ago, we had temperatures in the mid 70's! (Normal for this area in early January in mid 40's.) This morning, however, we awoke to a temperature of 20 degrees. Not necessarily frigid, but a sudden, big change for us.
Its puzzling that so many in the region have been complaining about the mild winter. We are feeling quite thankful. Not surprisingly, many of our residents have arthritis which is often aggravated by cold, wet weather. In addition, walking on frozen ground for days on end seems to add to soreness, both in joints and muscles. This winter, so far, has been a blessing. Our elders won't complain if it stays warm right through 'till April.
But, since we won't be able to post any pictures of a beautiful snow covered farm this year, we offer this photo from December 2005. Enjoy!

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