Friday, May 16, 2008

Elder and younger companion need homes

Warrenton, Virginia

These two boys could not go when their owners had to move to a smaller property. They are currently being cared for by the property's new human resident who is helping the owners find a permanent new home. She may be able to offer transport if new home is within 100 miles of Warrenton. The boys do not have to go together to one home. If interested, please email TREES for contact info.

From current caregiver:

The older gelding is named "Agenda" he is 27 years young, is a quarter horse and looks very good for his age. He seems to have a hitch in his rear left hind leg I guess from a previous old injury, but according to his owners he is sound for light riding. He doesnt have any health issues I am aware of other than needing his teeth floated. He drops his feed everywhere. He is a very sweet boy is easy to halter and lead and loves to be brushed, he is used to wearing a fly mask but doesnt like blankets or being stalled. He is current on his shots and wormings as I have been doing them since I got here. He feet were done just prior to my moving in and I believe the owners are going to get them done again next week when the farrier is due out here.

The other gelding is a Thoroughbred his name is Jubilee he is 14 years old. He is also very sweet with an inquisitive personality. He is a bit more pushy of the two and could use a little work with his ground manners. I dont think this is an issue of teaching him, but rather reminiding him of his place. He does appear to have an old injury to his rear left ankle it has a hard bony growth on the outside. This doesnt effect him running in the pasture, but I am not sure if it would with the added weight of a rider. He too is up to date on vacs and worming, but needs a coggins. His feet were also done before I moved in, they were not able to be trimmed enough as they were so overgrown so he could use a good farrier and more frequent trimmings. The owners were willing to get them a coggins before they left here, I am sure if proper placement is found this would still be the case. I can transport within 100 miles of Warrenton if this will help with placement.

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