Monday, May 12, 2008

Winter's Last Gasp

The temperature hovered around forty degrees last night but, with sustained 30mph winds and a horizontal rain, it felt like a winter storm was in progress. Weather lore in Virginia says to wait for Mother's Day to set out plants in the garden. Its a mark on the calendar saying "Spring is here." This year, Mother Nature wanted to heave one last winter gasp before Mother's Day passed.

Even though the horses all had access to cozy sheds, and were dry and sheltered from the wind, some were shivering as breakfast was served. Jeb, Emma, and Betty are now comfortably munching hay with their winter "jammies" on once again.

Last week we were preparing to have a huge pile of blankets sent out for cleaning and repair after a colder than normal winter. This time, it seems that procrastination was a good thing!

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