Monday, August 18, 2008

Elder Horse Updates

Finally. After welcoming three new residents within 10 days, we've had time to catch our collective breaths and add the newcomers' photos to the Residents page. We hope, soon, to add individual pages for each resident so visitors can keep up with residents' activities. Watch the Residents page for progress. Visit soon, visit often. We'll try to keep up!
Marye yesterday (Aug 17, 2008) Can you believe the progress in just one month!?


horse rescue said...

What's the age of your new residents?

equineelders said...

Of the three newest arrivals, Marye and Delphi, both mares, are 28. Fitz, a TB gelding, is 25. (as shown on the "residents" page linked in the above post) looking at the photos, its time for some new updates! They've all gained since the last pictures were posted.