Sunday, September 21, 2008

Find Homes for Virginia's Horses

Virginia Horses Needing Homes

Virginia's horse welfare facilities, for many months, have been receiving increasing numbers of calls from Virginians who need to find new homes for their horses, sometimes on short notice. Some people are losing their farms, some have lost jobs or are facing transfer out of state, some are boarding horses at barns in danger of closing. With farmland disappearing at alarming rates in some areas of the state, finding new homes for large animals is not always easy.

Many of the horse looking for homes and sound, healthy and well-trained. Please take advantage of this forum to list horses in need of new homes. Spread the word to friends and family that might be looking for horses.

Virginia Horses Needing Homes

While homeless horses are a nationwide problem, if you are "shopping" for a new horse, "shop" locally first. Let's show that Virginia really is for horse lovers.

Note: The managers of Virginia Horses Needing Homes cannot guarantee the accuracy of information in messages posted by members or guests. By posting on VHNH or responding to posts, you assume any and all risks associated with placing or accepting a horse via the Internet.

Virginia Horses Needing Homes

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