Monday, September 29, 2008

Two more - Baltimore

October 19, 2008: Happily edited to Add that these two old gals are in a new home in Virginia. Thank you, Kathryn!

Forwarding info only. If interested please use contact listed below:

Two former school horses in Baltimore that are to be sent to auction Oct. 1 if a home cannot be found for them. Their information is below. Please contact Russell Ashton at W)1-800-795-9322 or H)410-433-7760 if you can help.

>>As you may know, the Park School horseback riding program has ended. We have been very busy trying to find new homes for our beloved animals by September 30.

The two ponies are very happy in their new wonderful homes, however our two horses, Annie and Dory, are still waiting to be adopted. Annie and Dory have lived at Park for many years. They have served our students well. Young riders have learned not just how to ride, but how to care for horses. They are great, well-behaved horses who deserve a peaceful retirement. They are kept on pasture with a run-in shed and are easy keepers. Annie is a chestnut quarter horse mare in her mid-twenties. She is gentle and walks, trots, and canters. Since she lunges well, she has been a mainstay in our former program. She has provided many children with wonderful lessons. She still enjoys trail rides and can handle gentle riding. She has been diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, which is common to many older horses, and has responded well to medication given in her food. Annie would be a great horse for beginners or for the casual experienced rider. She is what we call rock steady.

Dory is a 32-year-old bay thoroughbred. Despite her age, she is in very good condition and has no complicated health needs. She can still be casually ridden and willingly walks, trots, and canters. We would like to place her in a home where she could simply grace the pasture with some other horses.

Both horse have been vetted and have a negative Coggin’s report.

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