Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Freddie, the Self-Cleaning Arabian

Thank Goodness. Freddie really is self-cleaning most of the time. We're on our way to a record number of consecutive rainy days (or so the local weather gurus "joke.")

Even so, look at our 26 year old Arabian gelding, Fred Astaire:
Photo courtesy of Molly McDonald Peterson, mJm photography

No kidding! This is Freddie, as is, no special grooming, bathing, or "photoshopping," after several days of rain and mud. What a good guy.

We also have to take the opportunity to point out that Freddie is one of TREES' Cushings patients. Freddie's symptoms have been controlled for three years now, using dietary management and Pergolide. Again....Thank Goodness! Can you imagine dealing with an almost white "Cushings coat" during mud season? We don't even want to think about that prospect.

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