Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sherman's First Farrier Visit

Sherman met Ernie today.  Seems our new guy has a couple of problems.  Not all necessarily foot problems, but problems that became apparent when Ernie asked Sherman to stand on three feet or to bend a leg a certain way.

It goes without saying the today's trim was aborted and will not be attempted again until we get a better idea of the source of pain and can resolve the discomfort.

One obvious issue was an "old" abscess in the right hind that may not be entirely healed, though Sherman appears to bear weight on that foot normally.  More evaluation needed there.  The left hind is painful when lifted more than a few inches off the ground.  More evaluation needed there.  Sherm didn't want to lift the right front when he needed to bear more weight on the diagonal.  So, Mr. Sherman only had his left front foot trimmed today. 

But what a trooper he was.  He tried to do as he was asked and actually seemed a little confused that we didn't force the issue.  There was no reason to insist since the current condition of his feet presents no emergency.

So begins the process of solving another puzzle. What hurts?  How much?  Will the discomfort lessen as Sherman gains weight and rebuilds muscle to support his joints?  Will stiff joints loosen up as we being to reintroduce regular exercise? 

Meanwhile, as long as we are not asking him to bear weight in an unusual way, Sherman seems quite happy.  He is eating well, coming outside to enjoy the sunshine most of the day, and becoming more and more curious about events around him.

There may be a real clown lurking under there.

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