Monday, April 20, 2009

Marye's AeroMask on the way!

Thank you Gene & Carol! for donating the entire amount needed to purchase an Aero Mask Equine System for Marye. Its been ordered and should be shipped tomorrow. The timing couldn't be better since Marye developed a little discomfort over the weekend (as have some of the rest of us,) probably due to the sudden appearance of loads of tree pollens. Hopefully the "Craigo Respiratory Therapy Unit" will arrive quickly!

Thank you, too, to everyone who forwarded Marye's need to other blogs and bulletin boards and to everyone who contacted us with suggestions on managing our brave little mare's symptoms. Please know that we appreciate all the ideas and support. Going ahead with the AeroMask system in no way means that we don't take seriously other ideas and modalities..........for other residents "alternative" ideas work well. For Marye, however, those alternatives have not worked well and her comfort comes first, in whatever way works best for her. Of course, we don't know what will happen with this "inhaler" either, but it sounds like a perfect option. We'll let you know what happens.

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