Sunday, April 12, 2009

WANTED! AeroMask Equine System for Marye.

Last July, we introduced you to Marye, a 28 year old mare who suffered such severe COPD that she could not eat and breathe at the same time. Given the choice between eating and breathing, Marye chose to attempt breathing. Her owners had decided to let "nature take its course" as Marye lost every spare pound, ignoring feed in her efforts to pull air in and push air out.
July 12, 2008
Our veterinarians started Marye on a course of steroids to reduce inflammation and ease her breathing. While that treatment worked, it was not ideal. Marye was more comfortable and gained weight nicely, but her breathing never returned to normal until late November, when many allergens disappeared for the winter.
August 17, 2008

Now, Marye faces another spring. In addition to the COPD, or “heaves” (somewhat comparable to asthma in humans,) this determined little mare is showing what may be symptoms of early Cushings Syndrome. If that is the case, systemic steroids are not the first choice of treatment. Cushings itself causes overproduction of natural steroids, leading to many of the common complications of the disease, such as suppressed immune systems, abnormal weight gain and a likelihood of founder.

Recently, we became aware of the The AeroMask* equine system (ES), developed by Trudell Medical International, which delivers medication directly into the lungs, rather than injecting it intravenously or into a muscle. This method of delivery is said to reduce the risk of side effects. We also hope it will be more effective since it will send medication directly where it is needed rather than dispersing it throughout the whole body.

TREES is hoping that a reader out there somewhere has a used AeroMask system (Size: Medium) they no longer need, that he or she is willing to part with at a reduced price. We’d very much like to offer this treatment to this game little mare who, last summer, had every reason to lay down and not get up, but didn't.

If you or someone you know can help give Marye a few more comfortable years, please contact TREES at , 540-972-0936, or PO Box 2260, Spotsylvania VA 22553

Marye in her Winter Woolies - February 2009

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