Friday, June 5, 2009

Glub glubglub! VOLS! The Horses Need You!

Record rainfall, so the gurus say. No kidding!

We're thinking of changing the name of the sanctuary to Traveller's Rest Swamp. The sheds are flooded. Most of the stalls are flooded. There is standing water in many fields and paddocks. And it looks like another day of rain.

This is supposed to clear out tonight.

So, VOLUNTEERS! We need you this weekend! We're faced with stripping and rebedding pretty much every shelter on the place. This isn't worrying the horses nearly as much as its worrying the humans, but we'd still like to get their loafing and sleeping areas dried out as soon as possible. Can you spare an hour Saturday or Sunday? Give us a holler.

(This is the Po River at the back of the property. Normally, you can't even SEE the water unless you walk all the way down to the that poor little tree toward the upper middle of the screen and look down over the bank a few feet!)

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