Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hey Quilters! Can you help TREES' horses?

Quilters! Time to Search Your Stash! Jubal's recent leg injury requires wrapping for at least a few more days.

See the white padding under the elastic bandage?

That's nothing more than good old quilt batting. Excecpt that its been cut to a certain size, repackaged just for the purpose of wrapping horses' legs, and priced "accordingly." TREES received a package of "Leg Wrap Sheets" during our Giving Trees program last Christmas, but Jubal is making short work of them (he's getting each one dirty enough that we can't reuse them and must start with a clean wrap each day.)

This is where you quilters come in. Do you have any batting remnants sitting in drawers or closets that you hate to throw away, but feel you may never use? TREES can put them to good use! We'd like to think we won't need them often, but Jubal reminded us that we just never know what might pop up next and that there are certain things we should keep in stock in large quantity.

We're looking for pieces at least 15" x 18" but anything larger would be great. We can cut or fold to custom sizes as needed.

If you are a quilter or former quilter, or know a quilter or former quilter.......please Search your Stash. Batting may be sent to Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary, PO Box 2260, Spotsylvania, VA 22553. (If using UPS, FedEx, etc, give us a call for the street address. ) If you'd rather drop them off in person and meet the gang, give us a call at 540-972-0936, or email to schedule a visit.

Jubal and his chorts thank you!

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