Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weather and Communication woes

Jeesh! Just when we got dried out after last week's record rainfall, Mother Nature gave us another big Wallop a few days ago.

Early Tuesday morning, just as we were preparing to start feeding the horses, a line of unexpected thunderstorms came roaring through. Our poor Red Maple tree, which stands virtually just outside the front door of the house, took another lightening hit. The proximity to the house took out our phone lines, the satellite and a couple of electric outlets, all on the front of the house.

We now have one phone line working, but must switch between email and telephone on that line to keep up with daily communications. Verizon has been dealing with a large number or storm damage calls for weeks and won't get to us unti June 24!

So...until then, we ask your indulgence and your patience. Email may be the best form of communication for now. We can answer e-notes during "after-business" hours when our telephone is not needed as much. you might imagine, even distant thunder now sends us running to unplug everything, at least until we replace all the surge protectors. (Bless whoever invented those little gadgets....they saved the computer, the phones, answering machine and television. )

The horses are all fine, though a little addled immediately after the big storm. Fitz wouldn't come into the shed to eat breakfast and a few others ate only parts of their meals and wanted back outside. Everyone is relaxed again now. but more storms are expected this evening.

Mom N.........we are in awe of your power and even these lightening storms are beautiful in their own way.....but we would be more than a little grateful for just a short break in the action!

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