Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meet Kelley -Arrived Mar 15, 2010

Please say Hello to "Kelley," a beautiful Quarter Horse gelding, estimated to be in his early to mid twenties.  Kelley arrived at Traveller's Rest Monday, March 15, 2010, following a week-long stay at Woodside Equine Clinic in Ashland, VA.

Our new boy is not nearly as thin as some of our new arrivals have been, but does have a few problems to be resolved. 

On admission to Woodside, Kelley's hooves were overgrown, accompanied by thrush and a thick sole that were addressed by a farrier late last week.  He was very "foot sore" at that time and still exhibits some tenderness when not on grass or soft dirt or in a thickly bedded stall.  He also stands over at the knee.  Xrays showed "ossification (transtition of tendon to bone) of the deep digital flexor tendon as it approached the coffin bone."  While we not sure if that is the cause of the abnormal stance, it is definitely affecting Kelley's range of motion.

Another issue is damage and calcification of the deep digital flexor tendon and/or susensory ligaments of the navicular bone in the right hind.  At this time Kelley holds that heel off the ground.  We're hoping as he gets more (supervised) exercise, the tendon may resume more normal function, but will be looking into therapeutic options in the meantime.

Kelley's lameness issues are thought to be related to chronically overgrown and unbalanced hooves.  Only time will tell how much, if any, of the damage can be "undone."

Meawhile, Kelley's personality lurks just below the surface.  He appears to want interaction with humans, but is a little timid.  I get the idea, though, that once he is comfortable in his new surroundings, we may have another Clown Prince in our midst.

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