Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PoP Drive!

With feed prices ever increasing and a larger percentage of Toothless Wonders at the Sanctuary than in past years, TREES' senior feed/ alfalfa cubes bill is currently hovering around $1500 per month. 

If you feed Triple Crown, Legends, or Reliance feeds to your horses, you can help TREES' elders with no added cash coming out of your pocket!  The Proof of Purchase seals on every bag are worth money to organizations enrolled in the Southern States SHOW program. 

TREES has been accepting PoP's for several years, but now we want to ask everyone to go on a PoP hunt.  Does your lesson barn feed any of the listed feeds?  Your riding club? Boarding stable?  Members of your 4-H group or local horse society?  Ask everyone who uses Triple Crown, Legends, or Reliance to clip the PoPs from every bag and bring them to your next meeting. 

(Any Triple Crown feed qualifies.  We used Senior as an example since that is what we have in our own feed room.)

We've set a goal of collecting 25,000 PoP's in 2010.  That will translate to between $2500 and $6250 dollars depending on how many of each type of feed are included in the total.  That's a pretty handsome chunk of change for free.  (Almost free, anyway - it may cost you a stamp if you mail them to TREES at PO Box 2260, Spotsylvania, VA 22553.)

Buy feed.
Clip PoPs
Mail to TREES at PO Box 2260, Spotsylvania, VA 22553

The Geezers Thank You.

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