Sunday, September 20, 2009

Draft Show - Day 2

What a weekend! We're tired, but so grateful to the VDHMA for allowing us to sneak into a vendor space on short notice. It must have been meant to be. Folks, if you have a chance to attend next year's show, I encourage you to go out and support this organization. From our vantage point this show was well-run and professional and everyone we met seemed to be not only passionate about horses, but also supportive of fellow exhibitors. All perfect ambassadors for the draft breeds and their talents.

Thank you, as always, Gene and Carol, for two days of set-up, staffing, lunch and cleanup. Thank you, too, to everyone who stopped by and offered support and resources for everything from electrician services to sources of reasonably price hay to donations of used tack. And finally, thank you, Polly - your vendor coordination was flawless from our standpoint.

Once again, a few photos of the day:

If one more person calls me cute........what I lack in height, I make up in willingness and manners.

Sizing up the competition.

A shire mare navigating the obstacle course.

Not too many Belgians in attendance, but here is a beautiful pair.

Multiple mule working hitch

Six-horse hitch

And this was the "Feel The Thunder" moment. When these big horses trotted by, I could feel the drumbeat in my feet, right up through my teeth. It made my hair stand on end.

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