Thursday, September 3, 2009

Helllloooooooooo, Idahooooo!!!

Remember this statement, posted on July 6, 2009:
"Today, Nate not only lifted his tail, but moved it noticeably to the right. To his stronger side. If we see that tail move to the left, you may hear us shouting from somewhere out in Idaho."

Hey Idaho! Can you hear me now?

Yes, sir, yesterday Nate swished his tail to the left! Miss George, one of our volunteer grooms, was fighting a good fight against the big man's faster than average hair growth. Specifically, she was trimming Nate's feathers, which have been trapping moisture around his fetlocks. Now, Nate has had more than enough of people examining, cleaning, medicating, packing, and wrapping his feet and got somewhat annoyed at Miss George. And, as many horses do, Nathan issued a warning by swishing his tail.

Our first reaction of course was to move out of the warning zone and give the big horse a little break. Then, the realization of what just happened set in.



To the left!


Who knows what will happen next week!

(Hint: Team Foot Rehab will be back for the next phase of work on that right front foot.)

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