Monday, September 7, 2009

Very Special Visitors

Mona received some very special guests Sunday. A lady named Joanie stopped by specifically to visit with Miss Mona.

So, what made this particular visit so special? Well, Joanie and her husband, quite literally, saved Mona's life. It was this couple who discovered Mona and her herdmates in the dire circumstances that had already cost 20 horses their lives and immediately called for help. Their quick action saved quite a few lives, both equine and canine.

This story is proof that one person, (or two people,) can absolutely make a difference in the world. Just by filling a few water buckets. By making one phone call. By following ideals with action.

Don't ever sit back and watch tragedy unfold because you feel that you, as an individual, can't help "enough." Sometimes its "enough" just to start the ball rolling.

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