Sunday, October 25, 2009

Any Trailer Rehabbers/Customizers out there?

Would you be willing to consider, or know of someone willing to consider, a "project" to help the Elders of Traveller's Rest (or future residents of Traveller's Rest?)

Christmas came again and TREES was given a pre-owned stock-type trailer! This type of trailer is exactly what we would like for TREES' purposes, but this one needs a little TLC (much like most of the horses that come here) and a little customizing, if possible.

We'd like to find someone who can look at "The Sergeant Kirkland" (See here for the relevance of the name) to see just how much work we are talking about and give us an estimate of costs. There are a few areas of rust damage that are of concern, along with some more minor but necessary "fixes," such as missing safety chains, damaged exterior lights, etc.

We'd also like to have a little customizing done to make the Kirkland a more suitable "ambulance" when needed. This would involve things like padding on the walls and a more substantial divider in the front compartment that a debilitated horse could lean on when necessary. Then there is the issue of a new paint job, of course, and some new tires.

Anyone out there willing to tackle a project like this for a good cause? Please give us a holler at 540-972-0936 or email

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