Saturday, October 3, 2009

Traveller's Rest's Elder Statesman

When Sonny arrived at TREES at age 35, we were a little hesitant to introduce him to the "front field," thinking he might be too frail for the wild bunch.

Under close supervision, we gave it a try and Voila; the waters parted, the other horses bowed in awe and Sonny, with no initiation ceremony whatsoever, became Head King Alpha Dude of the herd. He remains in that position even now.

Sonny, October 3, 2009, Age 38.


Animal Paradise said...

I didn't realize that. I thought that Wade was the 'dude'. Go Sonny!!!

equineelders said...

Oh, no no no....Sonny's always been the Alpha Dude. From the minute he arrived. Wade is actually way down at the bottom of the ladder. I think the only one he gets to boss around is Rienzi.