Monday, October 5, 2009

The Guardian

Nate and Butternut. Its not a pair I could have foreseen, but its working. At first Nate, like most other sighted horses, was a little discombobulated by Butternut's behavior. She doesn't seem to read body language very well! He's getting used to her, but they still have a few things to work out.
For now, Nate watches over Butternut from a little distance, but rarely lets her out of his sight for longer than the time it takes to get a drink of water or munch on a senior meal. At night, when Butternut is stalled for some muzzle-free time, Nate hangs his head over the stall door, unless he is getting some sleep himself. He sleeps outside in the open, but resumes his post as Butternut's doorman as soon as he's rested. From Butternut's perspective, having a buddy tall enough to touch her over the stall door is taking some getting use to, but she seems to like knowing he's there. She's stopped pacing and calling and once again seems to feel secure in her surroundings.

Nate is scheduled for another combined vet/farrier visit this week. Its easy to forget, considering how well the rest of his rehab is going, that the big white horse is not entirely out of the woods, yet, as far as that right front foot is concerned. We're hoping for some good news this week but, at the same time, a little on edge.


Animal Paradise said...

This is the best news for both of them. Bnut can not have a better guardian looking over her. What a lucky girl. Who needs the shinning armor dude when you can have the WHITE HORSE!

AlliesFosterMom said...

Yeah for Nate and Butternut!

equineelders said...

LOL! Who knew? Nate's a Caretaker.