Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Come See Us at Tractor Supply Oct 24!!

Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary will once again participate in the Fredericksburg Tractor Supply Company's "Adoption Day," this one held Saturday, October 24. TREES will not have horses at the store (shopping center parking lot not the most stress free envions for our elders) but we'd love to meet you. Please stop by our booth to chat about your elder horses, pick up educational brochures or just say "Hi!"

Thank you, Tractor Supply Company, for supporting local animal welfare organizations!

Visitors can further support both TSC and animal welfare by donating items purchased at this store to the participating organization of your choice.

Here are some things that Traveller’s Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary can put to good use:

Alfalfa cubes
Pine shavings
Pelleted bedding
Garden hoses 50 -150 ft
Garden hose repair parts – all types
Stock Tanks – 50 or 100 gallon
Scrub brushes
Tank De-icers – universal drain plug type
Fly masks – all sizes
Fly sprays
Swat ointment
Standing wraps
Vetrap bandaging tape
Betadine/povidone-iodine surgical scrub
Betadine/povidone-iodine solution
Weight tapes
Wound ointments
Ivermectin paste
Grooming brushes
Rubber curries
Bot Egg knives
Clipper oil
Kool Lube clipper blade lubricant
Shedding blades
Cowboy Magic detangler
Body sponges
Spray bottles
Hoof picks
Thrush X
Salt blocks
Trace mineral blocks
Manure forks
Muck buckets (or 70 quart “multi-purpose” buckets)
Double ended snaps
Whisk brooms
Dust pans
Screw eyes – large – 2-7/8 – 3-7/8
TSC gift cards

The Golden Geezers of TREES thank you!

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AlliesFosterMom said...

I will be there! Have told friends and encouraged them to "stop by". I look forward to seeing you again!