Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Research into Muscle Loss

This is so exciting! The University of Kentucky has been granted funding to research equine geriatrics. At TREES, one very frustrating aspect of elder care is trying to deal with loss of muscle mass, even though the horse seems extremely healthy in every other way.

Kristine Urschel, PhD, assistant professor in Animal and Food Sciences,
"anticipates this will be the first in a series of studies during the next several years about protein synthesis in geriatric horses. The end goal of the research will be to "develop dietary or management strategies to maintain muscle and quality of life (in aging horses), be that through changes in diet, or the development of a low-impact exercise program, or some other management strategy," she explained. "
We're elated to see the recent increase in research pertaining to equine geriatrics. These studies can't come quickly enough to suit us!

"This research could impact many horse owners, from those with large competition barns to those with a few horses in the backyard."

For more, see Older Horses: Researcher Awarded Grant for Aging Study

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