Friday, August 21, 2009

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Its been pointed out that Nate has been bumped off the front page long enough. So, for all his fans, here's an update.

Today ends the first week of Nathan's EPM treatment. We were warned that we might see a temporary worsening of symptoms several days into the Marquis regimen. So far so good, though we're not out of the woods yet. It seems some horses experience this side effect as long as 7-10 days into the treatment.

The big news, though, concerns Nate's foot. That right front foot that has been battling the most advanced case of thrush we've ever seen. The foot that was writhing with maggots when Nate arrived. Finally.........progress!

We'd like to thank Team Foot Rehab - farrier Ernie Haynes and Dr. Amanda Blanton - for the smooth teamwork employed yesterday to remove all the diseased tissue and start Nate's frog on the road to normalcy. It is still difficult for Nate to stand on three legs for the amount of time needed for a rehab of this type. Taking that into consideration, TFR gave him frequent breaks and showed considerable improvisational skills as they dealt with a frustrating situation.

In the end, the diseased tissue was pared away, then Nate's foot was packed with a metronidazole paste, followed by gauze, cotton, an infant diaper, all held in place with several layers of the ubiquitous horse farm duct tape.

Though he was a little miffed at the time of the foot work, Nate was motoring around last night in a very animated fashion. His foot is still far from normal, but at least now it feels better.

We've talked about "baby steps" until now, but this may be more of a giant leap.
Go, Nate!
Thank you, Team Foot Rehab!

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Anonymous said...

i hope this horses get well soon.

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