Monday, August 10, 2009

Visit TREES at Tractor Supply Aug 29!


A nice cool, indoor event! On Saturday, August 29, the Tractor Supply Company on Plank Road (Rt 3) in Fredericksburg, VA, is hosting an animal welfare/rescue/adoption event.

Groups representing dogs, cats and horses will be included. The good news is that TREES' booth will be inside the air conditioned store! Golden Geezers will not accompany us to the event due to potential heat and lack of shelter outdoors. How could we ask them to give up their shed fans just to let folks gawk at their beauty? I mean..... Really! Priorities, dontcha know.........

Sonny, at age 36

But I digress.......

As of now, our table will be inside, toward the rear of the store, near the horse supply section. Please be sure to seek us out and say "Hi." The Fredericksburg Tractor Supply is at 4179 Plank Road (Rt 3) just west of the Salem Church Road intersection.

And while you are there, please thank the store management for supporting animal welfare organizations! We all need all the support we can get these days!

Oh, and if you're really more interested in meeting the Elders than you are in saying hi to their human caretakers, please just give us a holler to schedule a tour. 540-972-0936 or

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