Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thank you, Tractor Supply Company

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the Fredericksburg TSC store today. We met a lot of very nice people, some horsey, some not, but all interesting to talk with. We also very much enjoyed meeting the dogs of Bully Paws (and the humans in tow) that were hangin' out right next to us. Several of these beautiful, affectionate dogs stole our hearts. Please consider this organization when looking for future canine family members.

One of several highlights of the day was finding possible accommodations for an elder we've been trying to help the owner place for some time. Please keep your fingers crossed, hold your tongues just right and we'll try to work out the details in the next few days.

TREES also won a drawing for two bags of Blue Seal Performance, a fairly new low NSC, high fat formula that looks promising for elder horses. We'll let you know how our "trial" goes.

Mike, one of our co-founders, later won third prize in the TSC raffle, winning a TSC gift card, goodies from Smokey Bones, a Carhart wallet and maybe a couple other items I've forgotten.

And as I type, a faint rainbow in the eastern sky.

Over all, a pretty good day!

Tractor Supply is considering hosting animal rescue/ adoption events on a regular basis. These doin's are a little work for them, since they move a lot of their inventory aside to make room for our tables and displays. Next time you shop at TSC, please remember to thank them for supporting local animal welfare charities.

And thank you! to everyone who came out to visit, stopped to chat, and offered support of every kind. See you at TSC again soon!

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