Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mona and Nate updates

Nate, Nate, Nate. The big man just doesn't believe we have any valid reason to limit his exercise. Or for us to keep fussing at his feet. During today's farrier visit, Nate stood quietly enough, but kept, very gently, nudging me with his nose as if to point out this is all unnecessary. Unfortunately, Nathan, yes it is necessary. However....after a quick exam of the right front foot -- the foot fighting advanced thrush -- the farrier decided he'd like to have a veterinary consult before moving further. Thus, Nate got a reprieve. His trim was rescheduled for next week. The moment his halter was removed, our clown-with-the ever-growing-'tude cantered to the far end of his small paddock and turned to stare at us as though daring us to try that again!

And so we enter the next stage of rehab. The "I Feel Tons Better So Now Let's See How Much I Can Get Away With" stage. This phase in the healing process is always interesting. Sometimes its funny, as seniors execute (or attempt to execute) maneuvers not performed in many years. Sometimes its frustrating as they tell us they don't know how to do something we know they can do with their eyes closed. Always, though, it triggers a few "discussions" on what constitutes acceptable behavior. Always "old" horse still weighs half a ton, more or less, still has four hooves and teeth. And there is no such thing as "bombproof."

In a hearing yesterday, the Orange County Sheriff's Department was granted permanent custody of all horses, including Mona, seized in a cruelty case last week. The Sheriff's Dept, in turn, is turning permanent custody of Mona over to Traveller's Rest. Mona and her surviving friends are safe. May their 18 companions Rest in Grace.

As for Miss Mona, she had her first turnout at liberty today, and was quite unhappy at the short time span. Mona was confined to a small dirt lot for an unknown period of time, so will be introduced to grass slowly. She is starting with only 15 minutes of grazing, twice a day. The time will be gradually increased over several weeks. Eventually, she will be turned out in a private paddock 24 hours a day, where she will continue to gain strength before being introduced to a herd.

If today's performance upon being returned to her stall was any indication, we're going to see Stage 2 early in this one.

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