Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TREES Opening Zazzle Store!

In addition to regular horse care expenses, TREES now has seven - 7 - "lucky number" - horses in our "Cushings Herd." That means seven horses on pergolide. (If it doesn't hurt too much, we may figure out the cost per day of that alone and post it later.) We're not complaining, mind you. Ten or fifteen years ago, there were no truly effective treatments for Cushings, and a diagnosis of Cushings was viewed by many horse owners as a death sentence. Not so these days, but there is that pesky bill to deal with.

In an effort to find more ways to help you help us, TREES is opening a store on . The store is in its infancy, but we hope to add many many more items over the next few weeks and months. We chose this option as a way to raise money because it costs us nothing in terms of overhead. We upload images or designs, you order customized TREES merchandise directly from Zazzle, and TREES receives a "royalty" for each item.

For a sneak peak, visit* . Check back often to see what is being added. And, please.....send us your requests for specific Zazzle products or specific TREES residents you'd like to see added to the product line. We'll do our best to accomodate!

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